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From the beginning of the time god showed his anger in manys way.. The Storm ... Wrath Of God sent to scour the earth only the strong survive and that was only the beginning of the Storm Knights Clan...

All recruiting is to go by Storm Of Scythes he is the Storm who will be the one to recruit and evaluate.
anyone on MTW or VI can talk to Scythes about being recruited.

Scythes has got the first opinion if he will recruit a new member. the council has the second opinion.(read rules of engagments [roe])

To be recruited u must send an e-mail to our recruiter Storm Of Scythes with the following info :
-Storm tag name you will use
-your ronin name
-your country
-your time on your country
-your e-mail
-read rules of engagements
-apply on our forum

The storm clan work with 2 sub class , Wrath Of God and The Apprentice, both got destruction points.
Each members got there DP to level up on our Noble Titles.

1- Destruction points Legends afiltation

Starting Destruction Points:

How long u been playing total war(tht include the 4 games)?

Online playing:

0 point Under 3 Month the recruit start as Clam_Of_Playername read rules for Calm down here.
5 points 3 month to 6 month
10 points 6 month to 1 year
15 points 1 year to 2 years
20 points 2 years to 3 years
25 points 3 years and more

Not online playing:

no point allowed

2-Destruction Points Montly Bonus

Every month or so there will need a evaluation for the destructions made on this month,
the evaluation will be on activeness playing.

Base Destruction points each month his 10 DP

Monthly DP Bonus

Mostly online (0) +1 to +3 (-1 to -2)
Get improvement skills (0) +1 to +3 (-1)
Good feedback (0) +1 to +3 (-1 to -3)
Achievments (0) + depends of wht it his
Forum activity (0) +1 to +3 (-1)

3-Destruction Points Modifier for every position

The Wrath Of God DP Modifier

Punishments Level
DP Needed for tht level
Punishment DP modifier ratio
1st Punishment
* 0.1
2nd Punishment
* 0.15
3rd Punishment
* 0.2
4th Punishment
5th Punishment

The Apprentice

The Apprentice Level
DP Needed for tht level
DP modifier ratio
no level for The Apprentice
5 Dp minimum required
* 1 (no modifier)
all members under 30 DP are The Apprentice.

The Calm

The Calm Level
DP Needed for tht level
DP modifier ratio
no level for The Calm
(next level it The Apprentice with 5 Dp)
0 Dp minimum required

arround 1 month the player his evaulate, 5 Dp bonus it give.
New Tag name Strom_Of_Playername
New position as The Apprentice and he enter on Dp tracking sheet.