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Rules Of Engagments

The council Of 3

  • All admin ,all rules are made by the council honor,swords,shields.

  • The clan is always involved so any changes in rules and new rules cant appear.

  • The clan has no leader so there is no power going to any one person all will decide in Storm.

  • Only the council can solve a problem unless we the council are wrong then all Storms will be put to vote,any ideas from all Storms will be voiced in meeting and all will have their say on what goes on in Clan ,all will be discussed before any changes made.

  • The vote decides the way but the council still have the last word to reject or accept unless we are wrong for we are all human.

  • If theres any complaintant , the council must clearly define hes opinion with the complaintant untill
    he understands.

  • The council can name members for different duty (same rule for vote).
  • Every month Destruction Points will be awarded in meeting with all Storms and any adjustments made before all if they think they deserve more DP.

Rules Of Engagments

  • The clan work on player effectiveness tht give DP, more DP a player got more famous he will b and deserve to play many contest and tourney.

  • There is no leader in storm only a council of 3 (the owners and constructors of clan)and the Storms themselves have as much say as any Storm.

  • Anything that is decided by the concil and a voting request with all members.

  • Every month theres an evaluation for DP distribution,only council of 3 manage the rewards.But anyone can speak their mind if he does not agree on DP distribution.

  • We hope for a good attitude from Storm members,but we are all human and we all make mistakes,It only takes an appology to sort out most problems so listen well and appologise if you are wrong. but dont let anyone speak wrong of Storms or yourselves, if you are right then Fight but be respectfull at all times treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

  • Any racial insults will be dealt with by rejection from Clan, for no Storm should stop so low as to be racist.

  • The council can assign achievment points on members or members can ask for works to do, example training our recruits or new tactics found ect.

  • We are all at the same level so we all work together in helping each other in any way we can, like giving some hints to your m8s if u see them make some mistakes in game.

  • Its always good to talk about the fight we just had to see what good points and bad points there were and to see if any improvment can be made.

  • All members must be registered on our forum and post armies strategies that may be usefull to the advancement of clan Dp bonus points can be gained through use of forum.

  • Storms DP will determine who plays in tourney for the first places, depends on the tourney and situation, we can alow any members to take place into tourney. In Clan meeting or if high DP players cant play there will be a vote on who plays in his place or the next in line of DPs will have to play in his place. DPs will determine alot but not all. Storms will determine the Best team we can send forward into Tourney. DP are for us all as a clan but we can waver them if we the Storms decide it is so or if any player cant make tourney.

    Voice Rules

  • This is a private server so I'll ask everyone in the clan to follow these rules all the time.

  • All information about this server is private, just clan members have right to know of it.

  • Only the Clan members are allowed to use the voice on his name (no friends, no mom, none, just the clan members is allow to use the voice).

  • The voice is for games only, so no more loitering is allowed, you guys can talk about other things but you will need to change to another channel.

  • Everyone must learn how to use it properly, please use this as a walkie talkie, when you want to talk be sure others have stopped talking and you can start, then the others are going to wait until you are done. If many people start to talk at the same time you guys must give the right to talk to someone and so on till the problem has ceased.

  • Everytime you are done talking release your active button so no echoing will happen, thus allowing everyone to know when they can talk instead of having them waiting on the echos to finish.

  • If you are playing please change the channel, try to keep the lobby free for people talking about the game or those deciding what they are going to do(ie. join a game).

    Anyone who cannot comply with these rules will be banned forever from Storm of Honor's Voice server. These will be strictly enforced. No exceptions..

    May the Storm be with us :-)